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Face it, Farmville is an addiction.  For many, symptoms include extreme attentiveness to time, late nights harvesting crops and constant badgering to play through Facebook “gifts.”  If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the digital farmer, plant a few Farmville-themed gifts in their stocking.


One idea is to ruralize your friend’s home, office, car or body with merchandise.  The online store Cafepress offers a variety of Farmville items and apparel from country mugs, t-shirts, and tote bags to bumper stickers and magnets.  These items range from 4 to 30 dollars.

Outhouse Materials

A Tips and Tricks manual for Farmville is another option.  By flipping through the pages, the player can learn how to maximize crop production, become a master breeder and increase acreage.  Think of it as a digital “Farmer’s Almanac.”  These periodicals can be purchased online for 15 to 20 dollars.

Farmville Gift Card

Buying a gift card is generally seen as thoughtless.  Not in Farmville.  With a Zynga gift card, users can buy a desired animal, item or tool, rather than spending hours sifting through fields to earn it.

Shop around because there are a variety of gift card deals.  Walmart offers the lowest price, a $10 Farmville gift card.  For a few dollars more, shoppers can buy a 15 dollar gift card for 12 dollars at Target.  Going all in?  Best Buy offers a 25 dollar gift card.

Cuddly Plush Ornaments

A new item to the Farmville collector’s line is Plush Ornaments.  These Best Buy exclusive decorations mimic the cartoon animals from the game.  The eight decorations include a chicken, cow, duck, goat, horse, pig, sheep and rabbit.

Each toy costs approximately 10 dollars and includes a limited-edition code for a in-game version of the animal.  If you want to collect them all, Best Buy offers this deal.  Rather than paying almost 100 dollars for the set, spend 25 dollars on a game card and each plush you purchase will cost only 99 cents, a 47 dollar savings.



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New Section

Today, December, 8, 2011, I’m unveiling another section of this blog called “APP or Crap.”  Catchy name, I know.  This area of Resume of Life is devoted to application reviews.  Whether it’s a mindless game, news feed, photo editor or social media hub, the technology is tested for usability, practicality and enjoyability. Will your creation pass?

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